Thursday, 10 May 2007

Simple Macro

SPSS provides the capability to create macros that contain text and SPSS command syntax. Macros can perform the same command repeatedly, combine several procedures, or calculate user-defined statistics. Any functions you can perform using SPSS syntax can be incorporated into a macro. When a macro is called, it is expanded so that any text including commands will be used in its place.

Simple macro that differs between nominal, ordinal and scale variables and when you run this macro, it gives different statistics to specific variable type.

DEFINE !sumstat (catvars = !CHAREND('/')
/scalevars = !CMDEND)
!IF (!catvars ~=!NULL) !THEN
frequencies variables = !catvars
!IF (!scalevars ~= !NULL) !THEN
frequencies variables = !scalevars
/format = notable
/statistics = mean median min max

To run this macro use:
!sumstat catvars = gender opinion1
/scalevars = age salary.

When you run the last chunk of this code you will get in output window for nominal/ordinal variables different statistics and barchart, whereas for scale variables you will get statistics as mean, median, min, max and histogram.

If it seems to complicated, you can still use this :-)

Freq all.


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